Major League Baseball has officially announced to the public that the opening day of baseball is being pushed all the way back to May. Not just May, but mid-May at that. With the fear of COVID-19 spreading and infecting, steps and procedures have taken place to ensure the public safety is upheld. Originally, opening day for the MLB was going to be in April, but recommendations by public health experts have expressed concerns and the MLB took those concerns into consideration and pushed the opening day from April to mid-May.

The goal is to have as many games as possible as soon as the season starts However, more delays should be expected if there is no change in the spreading of COVID-19. Major League Baseball has stated that they will continue to monitor the situation with coronavirus and will act accordingly to ensure the safety of not only the players but the public as well. If you would like to read more on this topic then check out the article written by the crew of TMJ4 by clicking here. Remember, during this time it is imperative you take care of yourself as to not contract or to spread COVID-19. Wash your hands, try not to touch your face, limit shaking hands (just wave if nothing else) and take the appropriate measures if you think you may have coronavirus.

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