Muggles and wizards are flying down to Austin for a magical time. Since 2017 Joel Pace has created an unbelievable display that sparks joy in every Harry Potter fan that crosses its path.

Cheering Up His Caner Survivor

A few years back Joel's wife was diagnosed with cancer. It was a hard recovery, she needed something to cheer her up." He did so much more than that. his first design was the infamous blue flying car that Harry and the Weasely boys tend to find themself in(although it belongs to the forbidden forest now.)

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After his first display as soon as she saw it, she laughed, and as soon as she laughed, I was hooked." Thus, Diagon Alley in Austin was born. What started as a way to cheer up his wife, turned into a state-wide attraction.

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Joel's wife has since beaten cancer but the fun and display still remain. "We've changed the focus from my wife's recovery to raising money for charity and building a community in my neighborhood."

What To Expect

It seems every year Joey just completely outdoes himself. This year they will have an entire Hogwarts display. there will be The Great Hall, The Astronomy Tower, The Marble Staircase Tower, and the new Bell Tower (”Cargill Hall”).

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On weekends the show gets even better. There is a 'Hogwarts window castle' where different scenes will be displayed. From floating pumpkins, a relaxing fireplace in the Gryffindor Common Room, and so much more than you could ever imagine.

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Once Halloween is Over Does the Display Come Down?

Absolutely not. The Hogwarts display is shown until mid-November, so you have plenty of time left to visit. Feel free to drive by for a look-see. They do shut off the light display at 8:30 pm on weekdays and by 9:30 on most weekends.

Okay So After November the Display is Over With Then?

Absolutely not. This family is serious about a Harry Potter experience. That's why once their Halloween time display comes down, there are right back to setting up a wintertime display. Typically, their theme is the Yule Ball. They set up amazing light displays and create a real Harry Potter experience any wizarding fan will love.

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Can I Walk Up and Explore the Display

Because of the pandemic and his wife's past with cancer, they prefer people to stay out of the driveway. However, if you do walk up a mask is required to keep loved ones safe.

But Wait, There's More!

Each year they use the entire experience as a chance to help out local charities. This year they are taking donations for Foster Angels of Central Texas, Variety Texas, and ZACH Theatre.

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Be sure to check them out on Facebook or Instagram and start planning your trip to Austin.

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