This officer's nae nae was a big no-no.

Bryson Lystrup, an officer with the Pleasant Grove Police Department in Pleasant Grove, Utah, was recently caught on camera dancing to "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" at a 7-Eleven where he goes nearly every day.

Lystrup said, "The store owner turned on the music and the rest was history. I started dancing."

The rest was indeed history. Lystrup's video was unleashed onto the public, making him a viral sensation.

His department decided to poke some fun at him by posting the video to Facebook, "To our community and to the internet as a whole, we apologize. We are looking at getting this officer some help ASAP. (Because his timing was way off)."

Lystrup knows his moves aren't exactly up to snuff ("I dance way better in my head") as does his wife who may have summed up the whole matter best. "I wasn’t too surprised because I see this at home but I was embarrassed because he’s doing it out in public," she said.

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