The Beyonce ‘Dance for You’ video sets the stage for a sexy scene, set up like an old school black and white mystery movie where the Queen B is the star.

From the get-go, Sasha Fierce sexily waltzes into a detective’s office and takes off her jacket seductively, while the rain pours outside. When the music starts, Beyonce begins to, well, dance for you. Under a single light in his office, she shows off her best moves, though honestly, the detective doesn’t look all that impressed.

As it should be, the Beyonce ‘Dance for You’ video is all about Bey shaking what her mama gave her, and there isn’t much to distract from that visually, being that it’s simply two-tone and in an unimaginative setting, though we think that was a deliberate and pretty smart choice.

After what seems like hours of teasing, finally, Beyonce approaches the now smiling detective and knocks everything off of his desk so she can rub against him like a kitten. She pulls open the blinds to let a little light in, which reveals to the audience that there are several other girls in the room. Together, they give a specially choreographed teaser dance in front of their own respective fans, their hair blowing in the ‘wind.’ The girls move about to continue the ‘Dance for You’ madness elsewhere in the room, shaking their rumps and whipping their hair back and forth — as if Beyonce needed the help!

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that Beyonce loves to dance for you, and the new ‘Dance for You’ video is no exception. We’re sold.

Watch the Beyonce ‘Dance for You’ Video


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