Parents upset about the education their children are receiving at the Notre-Dame de Caderot school in southern France didn’t merely hold meetings or complain to the school board.

Instead, they stormed the building and took several teachers and the school headmistress hostage.

“We are very worried that the pupils are falling behind in school. We think our children are in danger,” said Christophe Planes, one of the 15 parents involved in the siege. “We want things to change.”

Another added, “We have taken a few hostages, but our children have been held hostage at this school for months. [One of the teachers] is a tyrant — he treats our pupils abominably. He rants and raves at our kids, causing them psychological problems.”

While police did surround the school and enter the building, they were told not to intervene. An Education Ministry spokesman said that since the school is privately run, it needed to sort out dispute itself.

The standoff ended and the hostages were released after authorities agreed to transfer the aforementioned teacher to another school.

A note to parents everywhere: don’t try this at home.