Back in November the first Whataburger opened up in the Kansas City area and it was total mayhem. There were people running out of gas in lines that stretched out over half a mile.  The idea of Whataburger started from a tweet from Texas Tech graduate, Patrick Mahomes.  Maybe you have heard of the guy?

Back in 2018, Mahomes said in a public conference that his favorite ketchup was Whataburger ketchup. That statement came alongside a tweet. I guess that was a powerful tweet because here we are.  See the tweet that started it all...


According to a recent interview that was posted by, Patrick Mahomes says,  'he has picked up a few things at the new Whataburger. He really hit up Whataburger during the team's bye week near the end of November.' I am curious as to what his disguise looked like?

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Mahomes, also said in this interview, 'he's glad to see his fast-food favorite in Kansas City.' In 2018,  Mahomes is familiar with Whataburger as he grew up in Tyler and later played college football and college baseball at Texas Tech University. "I'm glad to see Kansas City, embrace it just like we do down in Texas," Mahomes said in the interview.


In an article posted by, Mahomes answers this question, "There are several different things I get. I’ve gone there a lot in my life,” Mahomes said. “So obviously I get just the No. 1 with cheese, ketchup, pickles only, with a large fry and large Coke. But they also have this thing on Texas toast, a barbecue chicken strip sandwich which I like a lot."

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