Here's great news for anyone to lazy to get out of their chair to get food.

Pizza Hut has introduced new sneakers that will order for you. The company even has an ad with former NBA great Grant Hill to spread the word about the sneakers, called Pie Tops.

That spot actually focuses more on the $7.99 deal and less on the really interesting part: you can order pizza with your shoes. Talk about burying the lead.

Sadly, this isn't going to be available to everyone. Only 64 pairs of the Bluetooth-enabled kicks that work with a mobile app will be available, which just so happens to same amount of teams that will compete in the upcoming NCAA Tournament (after the play-in games, that is), which just so happens to be an event that Pizza Hut has long sponsored.

Most of the sneakers will be used for publicity purposes, but a few will be given to the public.

This is the latest shot fired in the never-ending game of one-upsmanship in the pizza wars. Papa John's is rolling out $2.99 priority ordering and Domino's unveiled a wedding registry and reindeer who can deliver your order to your home, as well as a canoe that can do the same thing.

Between all these innovations and the pizza ATM, we can almost forgive the yo-yo who created the mayonnaise pea pie.

Now, if Pizza Hut can only figure out a way for us to order the pizza that comes in a pizza box, all will be well.

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