Plies is better known now for his social media exploits than his actual music career. You can think of him as a poor man's DJ Khaled when it comes to being a living and breathing meme. Plies has certainly cultivated a character and it's only increased his profile when things like the "Ran Off the Plug Twice" dance catches on with people.

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, Plies decided it was his duty to speak on the etiquette of gift giving for the holiday. In a new series of Instagram videos called "Let's Get Dis Understood," Plies waxes poetic about when you should buy someone a gift for the holiday.

"Look, if we done fucked more than two times in the last 12 motherfucking months, I'm motherfucking expecting something for Valentine's Day," Plies says in the first video. "Point blank, motherfucking period."

In the second video, Plies preaches about the levels of appropriate gifts.

"I told the bitch there's different levels of gifts for Valentine's Day," Plies says. "If you still in that motherfucking rubber phase, you still putting that motherfucking rubber on when you getting that pussy, her gift can't be over $100. It's $100 and under. But if you skin to skin, it's the sky is the motherfucking limit.

Plies really wants to hit home on that message as his third video reiterates his point about the "$100 and under" level of gift giving.

"She told me she want a bag for Valentine's Day," Plies says. "No. No. We still in the condom phase, bitch. You ain't scored that with that yet. You still $100 and under. Gotta take baby steps.

Hopefully Plies' advice can help you have a fruitful Valentine's Day.

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