The President's message to the family of Fort Hood Spc. Vanessa Guillen was. "I will help". #45 met with the family of Vanessa at the White House and pledged his support, the support of the FBI, and the Department of Justice in getting to the bottom of what happened along with a pledge to help the family with any funeral expenses for Vanessa.

Guillen's remains were found back on July 2nd following her disappearance in April. Vanessa's family wants justice for their loved one and have been in Washington demanding change in the way our military deals with charges of harassment or sexual abuse.

President Trump consoled the family offering, "We're going to look into it very powerfully. We already have started, as you know, and we'll get to the bottom of it. Maybe things can come out that will help other people in a situation like Vanessa. We'll be in touch with you constantly."

Vanessa's family has been in the news a lot over the month of July promising the truth will come out. The family has taken the case to Washington D.C. after saying disappointment in Texas leadership compelled them to seek out the President. Guillen's relatives say they have not heard from Governor Greg Abbott on the matter. A spokesman for Abbott says the Governor's office has yet to hear from the Guillen family. Abbott's office says they are prepared to help and have the Attorney General's office looking into finding assistance for the family from the Texas crime victims' compensation fund.



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