The family of Vanessa Guillen stood with their attorney this morning in Washington D.C. to announce that they believe her remains have finally been found.

While Fort Hood Officials have not made a statement at the time this article was published, attorney Natalie Kahwam told the media today "We believe her remains have been found." reports human remains found in a shallow grave near the Leon River in Bell County are being unofficially reported as belonging to Vanessa.

Kahwam mentioned a suspect during the press conference which follows another story in Killeen this morning that says Federal Marshalls, Fort Hood officials, and Killeen police knew of a junior soldier at Fort Hood who was considered a suspect in Vanessa's disappearance. As police tracked this person down, the junior soldier reportedly shot and killed himself this morning before authorities could locate him. Some of Vanessa's family members had actually met the Junior soldier during meetings with Fort Hood staff but at the time did not know that person was a suspect.

Two other individuals have been taken into custody for questioning and are also described as suspects by

The Guillen family held the press conference in Washington D.C. so they could pose questions to congress and demand an investigation that forces the military to disclose what they know about Vanessa's disappearance. The family is also asking Congress to create a bill to establish an independent watchdog group that members of the military can go to when experiencing sexual harassment.

You can view the press conference in the video at the top of the article.

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