After weeks of preparation and anticipation the BRAND SPANKING NEW TO YOU carnival, Pride of Texas has officially OPENED!

This week our very own JP had a chance to go live to showcase some of the amazing rides Pride of Texas is offering guests of the carnival during the Victoria Stock Show and Rodeo. If you missed it live, go to the KIXS Facebook page to check it out or EVEN BETTER, come out to the carnival tonight! To see the full Livestock Show schedule click here:

The carnival is open during the weekdays from now until March 1st at 5pm and weekends at 12 noon.

Tonight the Livestock Show is having their BBQ Cook-Off and Goat Roping Contest!

The line up of activities and things to do is endless for our historic livestock show. When we say historic, we mean it! The Victoria Livestock Show was founded by the Victoria Jaycees in 1947. It is the LARGEST event held in Victoria with over 12,000 visitors annually. It is one of the few remaining livestock shows where 100% of the proceeds from each animal sold at the auction is paid to the 4-H/FFA Junior Exhibitors! You go kids! Seriously, it's amazing the care and hard work these young men and women take to care for their animals and projects. We tip our cowboy hats to every one of them! 

What's your favorite ride at the carnival?

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