Sean Stibich has some exciting news for the ever-growing Victoria business community from our very own Port of Victoria.

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Sean has a story shared by the Victoria Advocate about a grant that has been secured for the Port of Victoria, and it is about to have a big impact on South Texas. While Sean jokes that some residents who have lived here a long time are surprised to hear Victoria has a port, it's about to expand thanks to a $6 million federal grant.

Sean's story in the Advocate highlights the already impressive 3000-mile shipping route along the coast thanks to the Victoria Barge Canal. Port of Victoria is able to provide rail access to Houston, Mexico, and Canada, and exports crude oil and many petroleums products.

The grant Stibich mentions will be a big step for Victoria's port as it will mean a new rail loop and ladder track. Funding for this vital project is available thanks to Coronavirus aid and the CARES Act. It's the biggest grant issued to the Port of Victoria and the first time a grant for the port is aimed at economic development.

Key changes including the new rail loop will mean larger unit trains carrying over 100 cars. This means bulk shipments and a chance to compete with the ports in Houston and Corpus Christi.

The projects that will be underway thanks to this grant will hopefully improve Victoria's tax base. Stibich says they also expect to see new highly skilled jobs with better wages along with supporting businesses like suppliers start lining up following the news. 

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