When 17-year-old singer Justin Bieber turns 30, where will he be? According to a new 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll, it could be rehab.

60 Minutes/Vanity Fair readers were recently asked where they envisioned Justin Bieber at 30 years old. The top answer? 30 percent went with "celebrity rehab."

Slightly behind was "Married, living quietly," with 19 percent of the votes (insert teen-girl gasps here) -- the same percentage of people who simply weren't sure.

13 percent of readers think Bieber will still be playing packed stadiums," while 12 percent of readers think he'll be "fat and bald" (how nice).

8 percent think he'll be, of all things, a talk-show host. (To quote the great Justin Bieber movie, never say never!)

Tell us: Where do you think Justin Bieber will be at age 30?

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