Pumpkin Head Photos

It seemed like everyone in the Crossroads put their head inside a pumpkin at one point in October 2021. Sticky pumpkin guts don't sound appealing to some, but we promise, the results were so worth it.

Thinking Outside the Pumpkin Patch

People's creativity was really shining bright with the pumpkin head photoshoots. The randomness was the best part, people were thinking outside of the pumpkin patch.

Random Spots = Perfect Photos

Pictures of pumpkin heads in shopping carts, beer aisles, and even hanging out at the local laundromat were all over social media. The more random the spot, the better. 

22 Pumpkin Head Photos in the Crossroads

Check out 22 times pumpkin heads invaded the Crossroads. get a kick out of the photoshoots and hey who knows, maybe it will inspire you to bring the trend back this year too! Be sure to message the station app and send us your best pumpkin head photo!

22 Times Pumpkin Heads Invaded the Crossroads

Pumpkin head photoshoots are popping up everywhere.

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