First Rihanna passed Lady Gaga with more likes on Facebook. Now, RiRi has racked up more YouTube views than the Mother Monster. RiRi is slowly but surely usurping the digital space from Gaga. One area where RiRi isn’t likely to soon catch or pass Gaga is Twitter. Gaga has a whopping 18 million followers trumping RiRi’s 12 million — which isn’t too shabby when not comparing the two. Gaga has a commanding grip of the Twitterverse and RiRi’s not quite a threat on that front.

However, according to an update from Rihanna Daily, Rihanna and Gaga have both surpassed two billion – yes, BILLION — video views on YouTube, but Rihanna has about 2 million more views. Obviously, the numbers increase and change every day, but RiRi has pulled ahead in the race. The Rihanna Navy has been doing its part to push their heroine to the top of the YouTube heap. However, we suspect the little monsters will mount a campaign to swing the pendulum back towards Gaga and return the YouTube crown to her blond head.

No other pop stars have come close to crossing the two billion mark, so it’s a battle to the death between the Navy and the monsters for YouTube bragging rights.

Who will prevail? Grab some popcorn and watch … More videos of your favorite pop diva on YouTube. That way you can help swing the vote towards whichever singer you prefer.

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