Rihanna is no stranger to tattoos, so when we heard she got another one, we were hardly surprised. But a Tupac-inspired ‘Thug Life’ tattoo on her hands? That’s one we weren’t quite expecting.“All these b—-es screaming that 2pac back,” Ri-Ri tweeted late Tuesday night, making reference to the late Shakur via some clever Rick Ross lyrics. With her tweet, she included the photo above, which showcases the thug term spread across her knuckles.

It seems that while at the Shamrock Social Club in L.A., Rihanna may have gotten several tattoos — not just the two on her hands. Another photo shared by the ‘We Found Love’ songstress shows her sprawled out on the tattoo chair, beer in hand, getting inked on her back by iconic tat artist Mark Mahoney. “Tat my f—in name on u girl so I know its real!!!,” she tweeted, though she didn’t share a picture of what other goodies she received.

Ri wasn’t the only tat-loving celeb to stop into the Club that night, however. Photo evidence also shows that Danny Trejo from ‘Grindhouse’ was also in the parlor. He happily posed for a pic with the world famous pop artist, who had maybe had one too many beers when the pic in question was snapped.

As Rihanna isn’t one for layers of clothes, we’re sure we’ll be seeing what kind of thug-tastic art she had penned on her lower back soon. Keep living the thug life, girlfriend!