I'm offended! Ya can't put up orange cones and block off streets so close to something near and dear to a Victorian's heart. Just look at it. Just kidding.

Don't they know how excited people are going to be to go to Dairy Treet now that our first 90-degree day has arrived in the Crossroads? Well, Thursday's forecast calls for a high of 91. I can already see it, that ten seconds or so when your way down the road but you can already see the Dairy Treet. You notice road construction. Oh no, is it closed? Why???

There is good news and there is bad news. The good news is you'll still be able to access the frosty goodness of Dairy Treet, but the downside is the photo is telling us it's time for the reduction phase  2 of the Crestwood Drive project. I like sequels but not these kinds. The city of Victoria sent us a press release to announce the start of round two next week on April 12th. Here we go!

Photo Courtesy of City of Victoria (4)

According to the city, Crestwood Drive from Ben Jordan Street to Laurent Street is blocked with traffic cones and barricades but will reopen on April 8th.

040721_crestwood_2 (1)

Photos the city sent over show traffic cones on the north side of Crestwood Drive from Laurent Street to Navarro Street back on April 6. As mentioned above, Phase Two of the Crestwood Drive reconstruction project gets underway on Monday.

Photo Courtesy of City of Victoria (2)

Parts of the reconstructed area worked on last year are now fit with rehabilitated utilities and sidewalks that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

What is important to note is that Crestwood Drive from Laurent Street to Navarro Street is going to be eastbound-only for about 600 days. Yes, 600 days. Yes, on Monday the city will close Westbound Crestwood from Laurent to Navarro so that work can begin.

I can still get to Dairy Treet as businesses and homes in the work zone will remain accessible according to the city. I'm sure the businesses in this area will surely appreciate your visits even more over the next 600 days. If you are not stopping in the area then we are all encouraged to use alternate routes as delays are bound to happen.

By the time this is all finished, the next phase will take place from Navarro to Main street. Design is ongoing right now. The city encourages anyone seeking some more info on the Crestwood Drive project to reach out to Engineering at 361-485-3340.

Want to see more street projects that the city has planned for 2021? Check them out here: www.victoriatx.gov/budget.

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