The country of Sweden is very proud of their native Robyn -- so much so that students at technical university KTH will build a robot dedicated to the singer! So what does Robyn have to do with a group of students studying mechatronics?

According to the project's website, the students realized the songstress had quite the obsession with robotics judging from her song titles 'Fembot,' 'Robot Boy' and 'The Girl and the Robot.' That's not all though, the KTH students point out, "Robyn has something any engineer can be inspired by -- the urge to find new expressions and break new ground." We agree!

The singer herself paid a visit to the students and offered input on, "what the robot should look like, material-wise, and thoughts about different kind of dance moves." So will the robot have a bleach blonde bob like the singer herself? We sure hope so!

So far, the students haven't gotten very far with their project -- they admitted they don't yet have any sketches for the bot yet -- though they should have a good idea of what direction they're going with after playing with some Lego models and getting Robyn's feedback before the project wraps up in January 2014. We look forward to seeing the fruits of their labor!

Watch the Robyn and Royksopp 'The Girl And The Robot' Video

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