Just weeks after the Harvey Weinstein scandal as well as a flurry of other sexual assault allegations rocked (and continues to rock) Hollywood, the Swedish music industry is now reeling from its own sexual harassment scandal.

A group of 1,993 women working in the Swedish music industry signed a mass letter sharing that they have experienced sexism, sexual assault and/or harassment during their careers.

Signed by artists like Robyn, Zara Larsson and First Aid Kit, as well as a number of female DJs, bookers, songwriters, managers, A&Rs and producers, the petition calls for urgent change within the culture of the music industry.

The letter also includes a number of anonymous stories from women testifying specific allegations of abuse and criminal activities, including instances of rape.

Read a translated (via Music Business Worldwide) excerpt, below:

These stories do not describe a few events distributed over many years. These are excerpts from hundreds of testimonies, all of which took place in what we call the music industry. They depict what is going on every day.

In the music industry, we work around the clock, often with unsafe and temporary employment. Being courteous and not worrying becomes extra important… this makes women in the music industry targets for power demonstrations that are often of a sexual nature.

We live in a life… where we are objectified and where sexual abuse and harassment are more common than [not].

If we report these events [the result] is words speaking against words… we tie our fists into our pockets and rarely mention [these incidents]. Silence culture prevails. But we will no longer be silent… We demand zero tolerance against sexual exploitation and violence.

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