Roy Benevidez is possibly the most indestructible military hero of all time. A Texas man born near Cuero, Texas has the Lone Star state shining bright and the locals beaming with pride.


After stepping on a landmine in 1965 in Vietnam he was nearly medically discharged from the military. However, Roy had different plans and engaged in a negotiation to keep himself in the service, doctors untimely agreed to let him stay if he proved he was healed enough after a year.

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After 6 months of rehab and training, Roy had adequately proven he was healed and could continue serving his country. Suprised, doctors admitted he was healed but the Army insisted he was assigned a desk job.

Roy was assigned a desk job in North Carolina but immediately began training like a maniac to get in the best possible shape. After a few months of insanely intense training, he approached his superiors requesting their permission to try out for the Green Barre.

Astonished at his progress they allowed him to try out, where he eventually succeeded and became a Green Barret.



In 1968 Roy was sent back to Vietnam. On a slow day off he heard a distressed call on a radio yelling for help. A 12-man Special Forces team was surrounded by 1,000 enemies in the middle of the jungle and pleading for help as bullets flew around them.

Roy perked up and knew he needed to save the 12-man team. Overhead three helicopters were heard coming back to the base. Roy runs, approaches the helicopters, and notices they were completely covered in bullet holes.


Roy immediately ran towards the door gunner inside a helicopter to get more information. Unfortunately, the man falls over and dies from wounds. Eagerly, Roy leaps into the helicopter and instructs the pilot to take him to the jungle to rescue the 12-man team. In a hurry, Roy had forgot his gun and makes his way with no weapon.

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The team was located but the pilot could not land because of enemy fire. Roy refuses to leave and without hesitation jumps out of the helicopter without a parachute, gun, or any type of weapon straight into enemy combatants.


As he plummets to the ground he immediately begins running toward his team. Rounds of gunfire surround him and hit him in the back, leg, and face; a grenade was thrown and sends shrapnel into him, however, proving how indestructible he is, Roy just kept crashing through the jungle and makes his way to the 12 man team.

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Astonishingly, he made it to his teammates and immediately noticed the terrible shape they were in, only four men had managed to stay alive. Roy immediately begins to go one-by-one and shoots the team members with morphine, perking them up and getting ready to escape.


As they escape the gunfire and head back to safe territory Roy gets shot again, this time in his thigh, but continues on. At one point he is attacked by an enemy soldier; Roys's jaw is broken and is pinned down and stabbed by the enemy's bayonet. Miraculously, Roy overpowers the soldier, pulls the bayonet out of his body, and kills the enemy. 

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The remaining team makes it back to the helicopter and eventually makes it safely back to the campgrounds. Once they arrived Roy was hauled off of the helicopter unconscious.


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Doctors quickly begin to treat him, however, it was very apparent he was dead. They began to seal his body in a bag, but miraculously Roy spits in the doctor's face before he was fully zipped up and hauled off.

Unbelievably Roy was still alive even after having 37 separate bullet, bayonet, and shrapnel wounds. He was shipped off for intensive care; he survived and received the prestigious medal of honor.

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