If you know a veteran, please share this incredible announcement from Bethany Senior Living. 

Bethany Senior Living is proud to announce they are now serving veterans, offering community veterans VA services from all branches of the military. Services like short/long-term care, physical/occupational/speech therapy, and wound care.

Veterans need to be registered through the VA to receive Bethany Senior Living benefits. Once these veterans are approved through the VA, they have access to any care their doctor prescribes including but not limited to the services listed above.

This is just one way Bethany Senior Living serves those that have served. Just ask Stephanie Ross, External Marketer for Bethany Senior Living, whose family has served in the military for decades. They continue to serves today.

"Coming from a military family, it’s very personal for me to be able to take care of veterans and their spouses. It’s gives me hope that my grandparents, parents, and siblings will have somewhere to get the services they need, if ever that time comes. Being a part of veteran organizations such as Warriors Weekend and Field of Honor, I’ve become very close to our local veterans and their families. I care about them like they’re my family too. So, while I already recommended our facility to everyone, I do so now especially knowing I can specifically recommend with confidence that veterans will be served and that their benefits will be honored. The VA has benefits for spouses and if a veteran has passed away the VA will still help with care for the widow/widower as well. I can’t say it enough how excited I am to be able to be there for our veterans because they were there for us when we needed them! " Stephanie offers.

If you'd like more information, or know a veteran who might benefit from the services provided by Bethany Senior Living, please call (361) 551-0500.

Thank you from all of us at Townsquare Media and Bethany Senior Living to all that served and continue to serve today.

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Bethany Senior Living is adhering to social distancing guidelines while still offering its residents the power of socialization.


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