High school football is huge in Texas, and as a result, passions can run high at football games, on and off the field. But, what happened in Marble Falls, just west of Austin, on Friday night is unprecedented and inexcusable.  

By now, you have probably seen the video (it's been viewed millions of times over). I've seen it many times and I still have a hard time comprehending the total lack of respect, judgment, and lack of restraint shown by these two San Antonio John Jay High School players.

Players for Jay were already on edge following ejections that had taken place just a few minutes earlier in this closely contested game. But, two players identified as Victor Rojas and Michael Moreno apparently decided to take their frustrations to a level usually reserved for a prison yard.

According to reports, Northside ISD has suspended the two players from the team and from their school. However, more actions may be taken by not only the school district, but by the UIL, TASO (official's league), and the referee himself is considering pressing charges.

Do you think there are any circumstances in which these two should be allowed to play football again?

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