As most of you know, Friday Night Lights in Texas is on a whole different level.  I mean there is even a 'bible' about High School Football that comes out every year, thanks to Dave Campbell.  Just here in the Crossroads, you know how crazy things can get. I mean just look at the towns of Refugio, Cuero, Port Lavaca, Shiner, and Hallettsville.  These towns literally SHUT DOWN when there is Friday night football.

Even right here in Victoria, especially with the rivalry game.  Today we have the Titans versus Warriors back then it was the Stingarees versus the Raiders.  Nothing says Texas football like a good ole rivalry. The rivalries are BIG and the Stadiums are also big!  Even right here in Victoria, we have Frost Bank Memorial Stadium, which is BIG for a city our size. It holds 9,000 people and while some would call it dated.  Upgrades are being made including a brand new turf that gives us a professional-grade playing field.

The new upgrades locally got me thinking, where are the biggest and most expensive High School Football Stadiums in Texas? Here is the most expensive and I have also compiled a list of stadiums with the biggest capacity as well.

The most expensive high school football stadium in Texas can be found in KATY! Two years ago Legacy Stadium opened with a price tag of 72 million dollars.  The capacity is 12,000 and while there are bigger stadiums, capacity-wise and bigger overall stadiums.  The amenities are what set this stadium apart.  Just check out that that press box and VIP area up top.


The stadium is equipped with a large event space that overlooks the field.  The stadium also features luxury boxes for corporate sponsors.  Maybe $72 million might be a bit much, but then again, high school football is a way of life in Texas.






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