Houston, we have a problem. A family is furious and broken all over again. The family of the late Milko Jasso are all over social media heartbroken, as they awaited the birth of a new generation of Milko, even after his passing.

During this year's winter storm, Milko Jasso passed away during an altercation in which he was fatally shot. He left behind his family and his wife, who was pregnant with their twin boys.

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The upcoming birth of the twins would be something incredibly special to the family he left behind. Having the twins around would be like having a little piece of Milko back, something they would cherish forever.

However, something incredibly scandalous would soon be revealed. Elizabeth Jasso, the widow, and soon-to-be mother, was scheduled to be induced on August 5th. Facebook posts reveal she was nervous and excited about the big day. One day before she was expected to be induced, she wrote: "Y’all pray for this girl… Inducement scheduled for tomorrow to bring our boys into the world."

Even Milko's family was excited. They celebrated the twins during a baby shower to help Elizabeth get ready for her new life as a mommy. After that, however, things turned sour rapidly.

On her due date, August 6th, Elizabeth suddenly went missing. What was supposed to be a super happy time, the family was struck with worry, so much so, they filed a missing person report for Elizabeth.

Word spread quickly as the family worried for Elizabeth and her newly born twins. Reports spread across social media looking for Elizabeth, who was last spotted at her late husband's gravesite and in her white BMW.

Only days later, Elizabeth was found. That is when she dropped a bombshell. Elizabeth met with police to dismiss the missing person report, but while she was there, jaw-dropping news was confirmed.

Elizabeth confirmed she was okay. However, she did not have her twins with her because she was never pregnant. Police further investigated her allegations, and it turns out, she faked her pregnancy and went as far as buying fake ultrasounds of twins and allowed a baby shower to be organized-all while playing along with everything.

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Now, the family of Milko is ultimately struck with grief all over. They cannot understand her actions and are saddened that they will never have a little piece of Milko roaming around after all.

Social media is exploding with speculations and comments over the entire ordeal. People are ashamed of her, surprised, and some even speculate she may be suffering from a mental disorder.

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