They had me at FREE DONUTS! They also sparked the interest of every other Homer Simpson fan in the Crossroads as well as those who like getting involved to keep our community clean and beautiful.

The United Way's 'Support Your Neighbor' week is coming up fast and Victorians will have a chance to do just that on Saturday, July 17th when volunteers will gather for a clean-up day at Victoria's Lone Tree Creek Park off of Airline Road.

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Help Clean Up Victoria's Lone Tree Creek Park

Keep Victoria Beautiful will help host the cleanup day coming to Lone Tree Creek Park on July 17th. Supplies will be provided to volunteers who are encouraged to wear closed-toe footwear for a little added protection during the clean-up. The clean-up activities will last from 8 A.M. until 9:30 A.M. You get to do your part in helping to keep our city parks clean and ready for fun, and your out of there before the hottest part of the day kicks in. Did we mention volunteers will get to enjoy free donuts? Score!

How to Sign Up for the Lone Tree Creek Clean-up Day

Those who wish to volunteer can visit the KVB Lone Tree Creek Park Cleanup page on social media. The park is located at 4009 E Airline Rd. When you arrive the team with KVB will provide you with gloves, safety vests, grabbers, and donuts. Do not use the grabbers to reach for more donuts, please.

Keep Victoria Beautiful Award

Earlier this summer the city of Victoria announced its Keep Victoria Beautiful Award would be given to area businesses each month who go out of their way to keep Victoria looking great. With great area businesses teaming up with groups of volunteers to help keep our parks clean, things just continue to look up for our city.

Hope to see you out at Lone Tree Creek Park on the 17th! I'll save you a chocolate frosted donut with sprinkles!

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