This is great story to kick off the New Year here in the Crossroads...

The Warrior’s Weekend Field of Honor received Keep Victoria Beautiful’s business beautification award for the month of January. The award is given monthly to recognize organizations that help to beautify the Victoria community through property upkeep, landscaping and other improvements. To nominate an organization to receive the award, visit and click on “Beautification Awards.”

Last  May, our very own Ingra Lee covered the last Warrior's Weekend and captured the event perfectly...

"Warrior's Weekend, celebrating life-affirming healing is such a special event for our military and first responder families. Over the years I've heard some of the most beautiful stories of healing and change when our warriors who served to protect our freedom make their way through our community to the Field of Honor on their way to Warrior's Weekend Port O'Connor event.

This next part always makes me cry.

We make these warriors feel so welcome that some of them feel so loved in our community that they MOVE HERE. Can you imagine? They are so moved by the Warrior Weekend event that they choose to move their families here. It says so much about our community as a whole and of course about all of the men and women who dedicate their time to volunteer and hearts to putting this historic event together.

Thank you to each of the Warrior's Weekend volunteers. You bring light to lives."

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