Shakira and Rihanna collaborating is a match made in hip-shaking heaven, and now we have a preview of their duet, 'Can't Remember to Forget You!'

The pair released the cover art for the single last week, and now a low quality preview has hit the Net. The audio features only Shakira's vocals, indicating that it was most likely a demo and not the actual song.

In a 24-second snippet, we hear a bit of what's likely a pre-chorus and the chorus itself, with Shaki crooning, "Oh, here we go / You're part of me now / You're part of me / So where you go / I'll follow / Oh whoa oh-oh / I can't remember to forget you."

Although brief, the short clip is very Shakira-flavored, leading some fans to possibly wonder where exactly RiRi could fit. And the answer is: anywhere with anything. When you combine the brilliant songwriting skills of Shakira with the malleable vocals of Rihanna -- a singer who's collaborated with everyone from Calvin Harris to Coldplay to Jay-Z to Britney Spears to Maroon 5 -- you pretty much have a guaranteed hit on your hands.

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