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A shocking and senseless murder made headlines in Texas today.

Two Texas teens are facing capital murder charges after killing a man that was willing to let them test drive a car he was hoping to sell them.

Are we safe anywhere anymore?

Luis Gutierrez, 18, and Cristian Saucedo, 19, are charged with capital murder in the death of 55-year-old Khudhair Hamdan in Arlington, Texas and the story just makes no sense when you read that the teens shot Mr. Hamdan and then ditched the car just a few minutes later.

Mr. Hamdan lost his life for a car that the heartless teens ditched minutes after driving it off. 

FOX News reports that during an interview with Arlington Police Chief Al Jones offers his thoughts bluntly on the senseless murder saying, "Mr. Hamdan was simply trying to help a relative sell a car – and now his family’s entire world has been turned upside down," said Chief of Police Al Jones. "Violent offenders like these, who are willing to kill a man for a vehicle they abandoned a few minutes later, have no place on our streets."

Mr. Hamdan was just trying to help his relative sell their car. This means tragically the car didn't belong to him. He was just trying to be helpful. Mr. Hamdan was a father of eight.

WFAA covers this tragic story on YouTube.


Be careful if you are looking to buy a vehicle online for multiple reasons and never let multiple people into a vehicle you are wanting to sell.

We recently wrote an article about a huge scam in Houston as car dealerships AND private car sellers are being duped by fake VIN numbers. If someone wants to sell you a car for cash, make sure they are willing to take you to the tax office before they transfer the title.

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