No pictures, please!

Donald Trump's November 2015 appearance on Saturday Night Live may have been one of the long-running sketch show's most controversial moments, but no one was more upset about it than Sia, who had the misfortune of being the musical guest during the episode Trump hosted.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the "Chandelier" singer opened up about the incredibly awkward moment Trump and his daughter, Ivanka, approached her backstage to take a selfie together.

"We’ve got to get a photo," Sia recalls Trump saying to her, which made the Australian pop star freeze up. As she recounts, she didn't want to take a photo with the then-presidential candidate, whose policies and perspectives she simply didn't (and still doesn't) agree with.

So, she smartly turned him down: "Actually, do you mind if we don’t? I have a lot of queer and Mexican fans, and I don’t want them to think that I support your views," she remembers telling Trump, to which he responded, "Oh, no problem. Then don't."

"It was as if he viewed me as protecting my brand," Sia explains. "He respected that. I was like, ‘Thank you so much'...and then I went into my dressing room and had crazy diarrhea."

I mean, same.

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