We’ve all seen the heartwarming videos of soldiers stationed overseas surprising their children stateside with early returns home.

And that’s how this video of Capt. Cherissa Jackson, who had been deployed in Afghanistan, begins, with mom surprising her daughters Anita and Ashley at a Gaitherburg, Maryland Kentucky Fried Chicken. But then it gets even more touching. 

Capt. Jackson’s parents knew about their daughter’s plans to surprise her kids, so, unbeknownst to Jackson, they had the rest of their family flown in from Florida and South Carolina, so they could surprise their homecoming daughter during her own surprise.

And, there’s more. After those two rounds of enthusastic hugging was over, the KFC’s manager added another surprise: The fast food chain would be giving both Anita and Ashley each $20,000 college scholarships.

Got that all? Check out the video below for a recap.

[via WUSA 9]

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