A group of teens paid the ultimate respect to a deceased member of the military.

While on the way from Frankfurt to Atlanta on July 18, a group of high schoolers with the Iowa Ambassadors of Music broke into the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" when the pilot announced after landing that the remains of a World War Two soldier, headed for Houston, would be leaving the plane first, escorted by an Army private.

Diane Cupp, who recorded the video and was not even supposed to be on the flight, was blown away by the students' gesture. “It melted my heart. I was so proud of them for doing that," she said. "It was so heartfelt." She added, "I just want people to share it and see the patriotism of these young people. I was blessed because I was on this flight for a reason. That wasn’t supposed to be my flight,” Cupp said.

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