Sony’s PlayStation Plus program doesn’t always prove to be worth the $50 annual subscription fee, but every now and again, it hooks subscribers up with enough so-called “free” stuff to justify coughing up the dough. Every time we try to get it, it keeps pulling us back in.

This is one of those weeks, because PlayStation Plus subscribers not only get early access to that PixelJunk 4am beta we told you about, but also a sextet of impressive games. PSPlusers get to download the just-released Awesomenauts, recent critics-pleaser Trine 2, as well as a pair of classics: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Castlevania Chronicles.

There are also a couple of minis — the PS3′s answer to mobile games — in the form of Velocity and Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims.

If you bought all the games without a PSPlus subscription, it would cost $47 — almost paying for (or justifying) the yearly subscription fee. The downside with PlayStation Plus is that the games are really closer to long-term rentals than they are to freebies. If you let your subscription lapse, Sony yanks away its toys.

For a complete list of free games, release dates for all games and much more about PlayStation Plus goodies, check out this handy link.

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