After reports that he allegedly kidnapped an ex-girlfriend surfaced on the internet, Soulja Boy is reportedly denying the allegations.

According to a report TMZ posted today (Feb. 5), Soulja denies allegations that he attacked his former girlfriend and left her bound to a chair for six hours. He also claims that he never even saw Kayla on the night the reported kidnapping happened.

Sources close to Soulja Boy say the alleged victim was dating the rapper prior to the incident. After he broke up with her, Kayla returned to his house in L.A. last Friday night (Feb. 1) and apparently crashed her vehicle in his driveway after hitting a curb. Once people inside the house heard the crash, a woman who manages Soulja came outside and told her to leave.

Kayla apparently didn't like being denied at the door, because she allegedly attacked Soulja's manager and started a fight outside his home. Sources in Soulja's camp say that the injuries Kayla reported were actually from Soulja's manager, who acted in self defense after the ex-girlfriend pounced on her. Meanwhile, Soulja Boy reportedly stayed inside his home and didn't even come outside to see what was going on. His team maintains that Kayla's version of the story is completely false.

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