Spring break is in the air, and Texans are jumping out of their skin ready for some fun. The weather is nice and crispy, perfect for some outdoor activities.

Spring break in Texas for many people consists of mini getaways to the water. If your not tubing at the river, chances are you're heading straight for the beach. One of the most popular destinations in south Texas is South Padre Island. Something about that beach is just a magnet for the younger crowd, who are ready to have fun, let loose, and party.

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With Covid wrapping its dirty little claws around us, it's a possibility that spring break '21 could be quite different. Maybe less crowds, fewer parties, less fun? Although, that doesn't seem to be the case at South Padre Island. A super popular bar and grill that sits on the beach has recently come under heat after posting some controversial videos on their Instagram account.

Earlier this week, Clayton's Beach Bar and Grill posted a POV video in their back deck showing all the visitors at the beach. The footage showed large crowds of people gathered on the beach enjoying their spring break. There was a surplus of fun in the video; however somethings were lacking, two being: masks and any trace of social distancing; this caused quite a commotion online.

The bar and grill didn't seem to mind, as they posted another video the very next day with the same POV; again, the video showed a massive crowd but very little to no masks or social distancing. Both videos have gotten more than 5,700 views each.




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The video even had Twitter users commenting on the footage. Many were disappointed in the number of people at the beach and the lack of masks. Many users expressed the connection between the lack of safe social practices.

One user wrote: "Coming soon to Clayton’s Beach Bar and Grill: COVID Shots and Mask Cocktails! You only live once, why spend it trying to survive and potentially die when you can do the same thing but outside"

Texas Governor Greg Abbott removed the mask mandate on March 10th, so the spring breakers are not legally doing anything wrong. However, many Texans are still cautious as Covid still remains a risk in our society.

Spring break in the Crossroads is only days away, and for many, starts TODAY! What is your strategy? Will you be playing it safe and staying indoors or let loose for Spring Break '21?

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