Let's face it, we've all drove at one point in spring and spotted a beautiful grove of wildflowers and were suddenly overcome with the urge to take a picture...or several. Well, instead of just happening by a possible beautiful sight how would you like to know where the best places for wildflower photo opportunities? Springtime is a wonderful time of year where the gorgeous flowers are in full bloom and let their colors flourish, before being burned to a crisp by an unforgiving summer sun. If you are wanting some choice locations for a beautiful Spring sight, then you are in luck for there are some great places to view gorgeous Texas wildflowers.

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If you are bluebonnet hunting, then a place for you to consider should be Ennis, TX. There are tours that take place on the Offical Texas Bluebonnet Trail, and with a name like that you know it's legitimate. If Ennis, TX isn't your thing, then try the scenic route in Washington County. In fact, in April you can attend the Bluebonnet Festival of Texas in Chappell Hill.

Now, there's more to beautiful wildflowers than simply bluebonnets. While pretty, there are other options of wildflowers that are pleasing to the eye. Take a long drive and you may also find some indigo, red and yellow patches around Schulenburg and Fayetteville. If you want to learn more about wildflower locations before the Spring begins and ends, then check out Travel Texas' site here.

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