We've heard it called social isolation and social distancing but because there are small children in our extended household, we are calling it hibernation, more specifically, spring hibernation. Hibernation is a lot less daunting to explain than 'isolation' and as a bonus, we were able to pass some time with our "littles" sharing videos and talking about various hibernators like bears, bats and turtles. Did you know bees hibernate?

One of our little's loves this tickle song..."Bumble bee bumble bee, will I sting? I don't know, ZING."

One thing to remember when it comes to how children will remember this period in history will depend greatly on the attitude of the adults around them. Are we reacting or responding?

So, what are some things to do with kids?

In the spirit of hibernation, you can build "caves" with just about anything in your repertoire of things around you. I don't know any child who doesn't love a fort cave! On a side note, if you tie the end of a bed sheet to a box fan with the sides tucked in, it creates a bubble cave! Just watch little fingers of course!!!

Stuffed animal parties are a great way to keep company while in hibernation too. No stuffed animals? What about drawing animals and bringing them into your cave?

Drawing faces on fingertips gives your little ones an opportunity to take friends every where they go!

Painting pet rocks is classic. We are likely going to find that we will be back to the basics in the weeks ahead which means bringing nature back into your child's life will only reinforce the nature of hibernation for your spring hibernation. It occurs to me as I write this that anyone at any age might appreciate this play on words, or in this case, "play on events."

Wait! What about an indoor scavenger hunt for things to take into your cave or fort? You can hide age appropriate snack and other essentials!

Ideas for spring hibernation come more easily to some than to others so here are some links to get your creative juices flowing as you prepare to wind down with your kids.

Have you seen the latest national movement to hang Christmas lights inside and outdoors to 'lighten" up the vibe in our neighborhoods? This is a great time to string lights in a child's room if its age appropriate to do so. A night sky for hibernating in their bedroom which you can now claim is a cave!

Happy Spring Hibernation!

Thank you Scishow Kids for this great video on one way to build a fort!

PS. If you're concerned about Vitamin D deficiency during your families spring, here is a link from Kids Health that discusses supplements.


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