Another Hollywood couple is hearing the pitter-patter of little feet. Following in the footsteps of Larry King and David Letterman, Steve Martin has become a daddy later in life.

The 67-year-old writer/comedian/musician (seriously, what can't he do) and his wife Anne Stringfield, 41, were spotted in LA with a new baby whom they somehow managed to keep a secret for months. Or that they took from a momentarily neglected grocery cart at Ralph’s. Take your pick.

Seems the tot, Martin's first child, was born in December and - this being Tinseltown and all - nobody knows how they kept the news so hush-hush for so long. Of course, knowing what we know now, we finally understand this incoherent tweet posted by the new and obviously doting dad.

A source told Page Six, “They’ve had a baby, and how they kept it a secret nobody knows. Steve’s very private ... They are thrilled. They worked hard to have the baby.”

Which seems like an odd statement to make. If Martin is private enough to keep the baby on the down-low, we’re guessing the conception itself is really nobody's bidness. They haven’t even revealed the name or sex of the child yet.

But Steve's good at this espionage stuff. When he and Stringfield married in 2007, they invited their friends to a “party” but didn’t tell them what was actually going on until the nuptials were already underway.

Here's what isn't a secret: We’re happy for them. Steve Martin’s wit and charm definitely needed to be passed on to future generations. And hey, maybe a crazy awesome children’s book will come out of this.

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