This past Saturday will be a day many students from St. Joe High School won’t forget. Their whole Volleyball team was traveling to Austin to play Hyde Park High School early that Saturday morning. The bus drifted  off U.S. Highway 183 North in Gonzales County and hit a road sign at 8 a.m. Mr.Parks the driver over corrected to the left and swerved to avoid hitting an oncoming 18-wheeler. The bus rolled onto its side in a ditch. The wreck is still under investigation. But one thing that is for sure that has come out of this accident is that it has brought people closer together. My son Andrew who is eight years old at OLV knew of the accident and knows coach Allyson Griffin very well. He has been praying for her and the team since the accident happen. Today after school he pulled a beautiful card out of his backpack and that he had made for her and the team. He had everyone in his third grade class at OLV sign the card including the teachers. He presented the team with the card today during their practice. Its amazing the love and support our community has given this team.

Allyson told us she is looking forward to playing a home game Thursday. The team hopes Mr. Parks is there when they step back onto the floor. It wouldn't be the same without him. Make plans to come support The Lady Flyers. They begin their district tournament on Thursday October 18th at 6:30 pm returning to action following Saturday's accident. Allyson said, “We may be bruised and beaten, but we are not broken. It's is a miracle that we are alive and able to step on a volleyball court again.” Please clear your schedules and come support these amazing athletes!