Taco Bell recently changed America's taco calculus by offering Doritos-flavored shells.

Their next move appears to be far more radical. Fast food fans in Southern California are reporting the presence of waffle tacos on the menu at some local Taco Bell franchises. The item, which goes for 89 cents, features a waffle folded around sausage and scrambled eggs. Syrup comes on the side.

Early reviews have been positive and in hashtag form. #itsdelicious posted Instagram user Sarah1ch5, alongside a picture of the new offering.

At this point the waffle taco is only available in breakfast form and before 11 AM. But given that waffles famously go well with later-in-the-day meats such as chicken, we'd imagine there is some kind of waffle and seasoned ground beef experimentation going on in the Taco Bell labs.

If you don't live in the LA-area there's no timeline (or guarantee) for when the Waffle Taco will hit your town.

Are you looking forward to this latest fast food monstrosity, er, creation?

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