It's no secret that Taylor Swift's a verifiable do-gooder—she's tailor-made one fan a breakup playlist to help cope with heartbreak, danced with another terminally ill Swiftie and raised millions for Nashville flood relief. But yesterday (September 30), she truly outdid herself.

One of Swift's background dancers, Kim "Toshi" Davidson, was forced to recently confront the devastating news that his nephew, Ayden, was diagnosed with cancer. According to a GoFundMe page arranged in the 13-month-old's honor, Ayden was in the ICU for two weeks before doctors realized fluid in his lungs was cancerous, and his mother, Lindsey, lost her job as a consequence of remaining by his bedside.

Swift, whose own mother was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, immediately acted, and donated $50,000 in the name of Ayden's treatment, matching the $20,000 goal set out for the baby and then some. And, she left this message:

"Baby Ayden, I'm lucky enough to perform with your uncle Toshi on tour. All of us are praying for you and your mama and sending so much love your way. Love, Taylor."

In a word: wow.

Lindsey's since confirmed that Taylor's generosity will help Ayden's fight in a huge way.

"Taylor you have taken an enormous weight off my shoulders by allowing me to walk this journey with my son and be his protector," she wrote on the GoFundMe page. "I know this is a battle you are familiar with but something no one can be prepared for. So thank you so much from the bottom of my heart."

What do you think of T. Swift's gesture? Check out Baby Ayden's GoFundMe page for more information, and donate if you're able!

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