UPDATE: Cullen and his family just want to say thank you to the Crossroads community and to Dr.McNeill for helping Cullen to raise over $3,000.00!!!! to help kids in the Crossroads community with cancer. 100 percent of the money raised goes directly to those children in the form of VISA gift cards! $3, 200.00 was raised to be specific!

Thank you Crossroads!!! And thank you Cullen. You are AWESOME!!!!

Crossroads Make Plans to Attend Lemonade for Cancer Saturday 

This Saturday, May 14th starting at 10 am, 8-year-old Cullen Kickendahl will be out with his family and friends at the Tropical Smoothie parking lot at 3202 N Navarro St. selling lemonade for kids he knows in the community who are battling cancer, something Cullen is all too familiar with.

Cullen at the tender age of just eight years old is a cancer survivor.

Please mark your calendar for tomorrow Saturday, May 14th at 10 am to purchase a delicious cup of lemonade, lemonade that Cullen hopes will help four children in our community lessen their burden by way of raising money for gas cards for the families as they travel for treatment.

Giving back is a tradition for Cullen and the Kickendahl family as every year they choose one good thing to do for others on the anniversary of Cullen beating cancer.

You can also support Cullen by checking out his Cullen Kicks Cancer Facebook page for more information as well. His mother beautifully writes, "

As a family, we decided that every year, on, or close to Cullen's anniversary date, we would do something positive for other kids battling cancer. This year, Cullen decided that he wanted to do a lemonade stand! So, on the Saturday after Cullen’s 4th anniversary of his leukemia diagnosis, we are setting up a lemonade stand in the Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s parking lot. We will use the money raised to buy gas cards for local children who are battling cancer. Please stop by and support us!"
Special thank you from the Kickendahl family to Dr. John McNeill for allowing them to set up in the Tropical Smoothie parking lot.
Click here for the Cullen Kicks Cancer Facebook page. See you Saturday!

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