Is it possible that your geographical location could be affecting your sleep?

According to new study used to map out the quality of sleep in America, it is.

Researchers have found that states like Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma and West Virginia are not getting as much uninterrupted sleep as the rest of the country. States like Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, and North Dakota seem to be getting the most rest.

According to sleep experts, the reason why quality of sleep seems to vary from state to state could be due to a wide variety of factors, including health care access and weather patterns.

No matter where you live, if you want to improve your quality of sleep, you should quit hitting the snooze button. That’s the word from Michael Breus, PhD, and author of The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan.

The average snooze button time is seven to nine minutes, which is not enough time for the body to return to deep sleep. In seven minutes you’ll only get to stage 2 sleep, which is neither physically nor mentally restorative. It takes 25 to arrive at stage 3 or stage 4 sleep, which is the good stuff.”

Dr. Breus also adds that by setting your alarm to go off at the last possible minute can help increase your level of quality sleep.

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