If you've ever had a dream that you thought would make a great television show or movie, here's your chance to see it come to life. And no, Christopher Nolan fans, this is not 'Inception.' Unlike Nolan's hit movie, Liran Goldberg, the driving force behind 'The Sleep Project,' will be producing a television show based on people's dreams.

For those who want to submit their dreams, "The Sleep Project" will be accepting submissions until October 8th, 2012, which is when their Kickstarter account ends. Users will be able to vote on the dreams they feel are the most creative and would make the best scripts for the television show under the section called "pillow case" on the official website.

Meanwhile, Goldberg and the other creators of "The Sleep Project" will pick the best submissions from the user's votes and turn them into scripts. They will also allow the winners to be intimately involved with the team and with the filming process, so that they can make sure that their dreams are portrayed as accurately as possible.

"The Sleep Project" hasn't announced when and where the series will air, but stay tuned to their official site for more information on where you can catch this unique new television show!

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