It happened in Houston this week and it's freaking crazy to watch!

Caught on dashcam, the witness to this incredible scene wants to remain anonymous but had to share this footage, hopefully as a reminder to BUCKLE YOUR BABIES!

Driving on the 6600 block of the I-69 Southwest Freeway at Hilcroft, an unbelievable incident was captured on film, thanks to a dashcam.

Caught on the dashcam, the driver of a red SUV must have had an UNBUCKLED infant in her backseat, because as she was turning from the feeder road to the freeway, the baby literally flew out of the car and landed in the middle of Houston traffic.

Thankfully there was no car behind the driver of the SUV and the car with the dashcam had enough time to stop its vehicle before the baby was run over!

The driver is then seen stopping her car and running to grab the baby before she runs back to her car with the baby in her arms and drives away! No doubt the baby was just as terrified as the driver who failed to keep the baby restrained properly.

Check this out, courtesy of ABC13.

According to ABC13, "the Houston police have been notified to see if they received any service calls at that scene, but officers said they didn't hear anything."

What really blows my mind as a mother and grandmother is that this isn't the first time I've heard of a child falling out of a car, but this is certainly the first time I've watched it happen on film.

It's terrifying to watch but again a reminder of the importance of infant car seats and seat belts, otherwise, this story might have ended much more tragically.


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