Texas is a big place full of big personalities, and some folks want to express that whenever and wherever they can - even on the highway.

If you're interested in a specialty license plate to add another touch of customization to your car or just to have some fun, there are currently 25 rare 2-character plates up for auction now through May 26.

Personally, my favorites are 'HA' and 'AC'. The first is an expression of pure joy and laughter, and the other is a salute to my all-time favorite invention - air-conditioning, which brings me pure joy and makes me laugh with relief after doing yard work on a blazing hot July day.

Anyway, there are 23 more options up for bids, including:

  • 66
  • MM
  • VW
  • 15
  • FL
  • 26
  • GA
  • CJ
  • X5
  • 86
  • M1
  • LO
  • 70
  • DE
  • KC
  • MX
  • 48
  • FE
  • WW
  • 31
  • AZ
  • XS
  • PA

You know, PA is a good one too. If you're a proud father or grandfather, that one might be right up your alley.

Before you click over to the auction site and get sticker shock, let me warn you: these plates ain't cheap. My favorite, 'HA', is was already up to $750 Monday morning and the auction had just started. 'AC' was already up to $500.

'PA' was already up to $1,100.

Sure that's pricey, but consider this: a custom Texas A&M plate reading '12THMAN" sold for a record setting $115,000 back in 2013.

When you win one of the plates currently up for bid, you'll get it for a 5-year term with first right to renewal, so you can keep it for as long as you'd like. It's also transferable.


I'm a huge nerd who loves Doctor Who, so if I had the cash to spare I would try to get a custom plate reading 'TARDIS' and get my car painted blue. I think 'TARDIS' is already taken though.

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