A destructive crash was caught on camera Tuesday morning. While traveling down a San Antonio highway, military veteran John David Escobedo witnessed a vehicle lose control and crash into 'an embankment causing it to roll over about 200 feet,' that's when Escobedo jumped into action.

"I saw the car swerve off the road in the distance and it took me a second to realize that I just witnessed an accident,” Escobedo told Storyful.


Escobedo ran over to the flipped vehicle and knocked on the window, realizing a man was inside. The veteran had a broken hand at the time but immediately his former training kicked in and he went into action.

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Cellphone video captured the dangerous scene. Escobedo flagged down other drivers and began coordinating a team to help the driver in the vehicle that landed upside down.


About a dozen strangers leaped into action to help. “Everyone came together in a matter of seconds in a rescue effort, all differences were put aside to save a life,” Escobedo said. The group of strangers gathered around the vehicle and began pushing it.

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The vehicle began rocking as everyone continued their efforts. "I think once the adrenaline kicks in, you get that superhuman strength, “Escobedo said. The group continued until finally, the vehicle successfully slipped upright.


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Once the vehicle was upright the group began pulling at the door, unable to do so, you can hear people yelling "break it, break it." You can see one person attempt to smash the window. The door was eventually broken open and Escobedo confirmed, "he was conscious, he was alive."

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The group decided to keep the door open but not pull the driver out of the car, instead, they waited for EMS to arrive. The driver was taken to the hospital.

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