I love this fishing story. The first fish that I ever caught was a Flounder at the pier in Seadrift. I still remember how exciting the 'fight' was.  It was a very small flounder nevertheless it will be a fishing story that I will always tell, my first catch. Chrystal Lee Watts from Katy also caught a flounder, but on a much bigger scale.


As reported by mysanantonio.com, Crystal was wade fishing when she hooked was she thought was a redfish.  However, it turned out to be a massive flounder, which turned out to be her personal best. The Flounder measured 23 inches and weighed 4 pounds.  The largest flounder ever caught in Texas weighed 28 pounds and measured at 28 inches.


According to the article, when she hooked the flounder, Watts says it pulled drag like a redfish. She adds she'd never had a flounder pull that kind of a drag. The drag is a safety mechanism that allows the spool to turn when a certain tension is reached as the line is pulled from the reel. Just in case you didn't know.

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Texas Parks and Wildlife has closed flounder fishing for both recreational and commercial fishers. The Closure started on November 1st and will run through December 14th. Texas Parks hopes to help the declining flounder populations by keeping more fish in the water to spawn during their annual migration to the Gulf. TPWD previously told MySA anglers can receive a citation if they break the bag limit, which is currently zero.

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