Thursday #FirstWorldProblems featured a bizarre story of a dude that was caught cheating and now The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show is getting the full story!

While trying to leave for a trip to San Antonio, The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show had several phone calls come in as a follow up about the guy who was caught cheating on video.  The cast spoke with a woman who's former son-in-law was caught by his wife in bed with another woman and the video went viral on Twitter. Now they're talking to the girl who was in that bed!

You can listen to the initial call that started the conversation during #FirstWorldProblems, but the story doesn't end with Andrea though! After the cast spoke with Andrea, Tammy, the mother of the man who was in the bed called in!

Then the man that was caught in the bed cheating, Dakota, called in with what was happening!

The following is what was posted on Facebook, complete with explicit language:

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