2020 is just breaking our hearts. With the events of the last few months weighing so heavily on our hearts and minds, it seems like every new day brings with it a shocking story from somewhere in America. Today, one of many stories capturing attention is coming from San Antonio and the gated community of Stone Oak on the cities north side.

KSAT reported that police discovered a family of six dead inside their SUV after officers dropped by to do a wellness check. Neighbors in the Stone Oak community called police after not seeing the family for several days according to SA Police Chief William McManus.

When McManus and his officers held a briefing they told the media of a cryptic note found on the property warning about what was inside the house. It said "bodies of people inside the home, do not enter", the note also made mention of additional family pets hidden inside the family's freezer. Holy cow.

Officers had to fall back immediately upon entering the house as the carbon monoxide fumes overpowered them from the moment they entered the home. Police also found two dead cats placed in a basket and left with bodies of the family. The bodies of two adults and four children, ranging in age from 4-years to 11 months, were all found together in the SUV.

The police took precautions and evacuated residents within 150-feet of the home in Stone Oak. Thankfully none of the officers who encountered the carbon monoxide needed medical attention.

Our prayers go out to this family, their neighborhood, and all the officers involved. We also send up an extra prayer for our great state of Texas and our country during these unprecedented times.

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