Even in this triple-digital Texas heat, a postal worker is cracking jokes with dark humor in a video that's taking over TikTok.

A postal worker known as @malemanmailman on TikTok uses his platform to create hilarious videos of being a mailman in Texas. The postal worker took a chance with some dark humor in a video that has even the dead rolling in their graves.


@malemanmailman TikTok

Tons of packages in all shapes and sizes go through USPS every single day however, one particular package caught the attention of the TikToker. While delivering, the postal worker noticed a package with a bright green paper taped across the box that reads, "HUMAN REMAINS PLEASE EXPEDITE."


@malemanmailman TikTok

Instead of being freaked out, @malemanmailman embraced the remains and began cracking jokes. In the video, the man casually gets into his truck and as he is getting ready to take off he talks to the package and asks, "Alright I got a question for you, be honest with me. What's hotter, when you were cremated or the back of my truck right now."


The video comment section is packed full of people appreciating the dark humor. Other mail carriers even dropped a comment about their experiences.

"I work at a funeral home and the mail lady stopped by before 8 am to drop off cremains and said I don't want him thinking he's in hell in my vehicle"

"If my mailman cracked that joke. I'm just saying there'd be a Sixpack waiting in the mailbox for him the next day😂"

"Just remember, with them in the back of your truck you can use those HOV lanes 😆"

"omg I had to deliver human remains as well and found myself talking to the box the whole time"

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